Today the kids and I met an old friend at SCRAP.

   It’s this crazy place where you can donate craft/art supplies, and also buy them super cheap while reducing your carbon footprint.



It’s endlessly entertaining, at least for me. Not so much for the kids. I left with two sewing patterns; one for pajamas (my Hello Kitty ones are kaput, so I need new ones!), and one for a skirt.

nooo, it’s not the ankle length skirt that drew my attention!

 I was also on the receiving end of my friend’s yarn destash. I couldn’t resist these: 

remind me to knit these !

I’m almost done with my Mini Mania scarf.  If it gets much longer, I’m afraid it will fold over instead of standing up nicely at my neck.  I’ve decided to do three more stripes, then finish it up. 

almost there!


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