Cast on! 

I gathered and weighed my yarns… 


And I casted on 500 stitches for my Mini Mania scarf.


 It took an entire movie (How to Train Your Dragon 2), and a good part of a Dr Who episode, but that’s 500 stitches done with a cable cast on.  Phew!!  

I don’t think I even have it in me to attack the first row of the pattern.   After all, it was a long day….

Library book sale…




Good night!!

6 thoughts on “Cast on! 

    • I should qualify my comment: for I have trouble keeping count! My husband helps – he has experience stock taking which I think makes him a counting expert.

    • My method was to cast on 50, and double count (or more). I’d place a marker, then cast one 50 more and repeat. I was super careful about it and ended up with the right number! Phew!

      • I love that idea! I will make use of that soon, I have a project with a big cast on queued up. Well not as big as the one you’ve managed. Thanks!

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