L bear and Bon voyage

L bear was finished this evening.

I decided to name her Loretta, for Cher’s character in the movie Moonstruck.  I love that movie… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMtRKgzI27c

Loretta makes ten bears in my stash, and therefore a boxful to send to Minnesota, them on to Africa, where they’ll bring smiles to the faces of kids affected by HIV/AIDS.



I miss being able to knit 5 and send them together with my friend’s 5, but since she’s moved away, I either have to make bigger batches or buy smaller boxes!

At any rate, I do enjoy knitting these bears, and am looking forward to their photos with their new owners

2 thoughts on “L bear and Bon voyage

  1. adorable!!

    sadly, your friend has yet to make a single bear this year so you are knitting and shipping for both of us!

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