All quilts, all the time

For the past few days, at least! I’m in the quilting ZONE!

The Wee Boy’s quilt is coming alone nicely.  Late last night, I ended up with this arrangement for the back.

tentative layout for the quilt back

I tend to be very set on using scraps, and only scraps, for the back, so it ends up being more work than the quilt top!  Oh well.

This morning, I went to the Wee Girl’s class to help the kids with their quilt squares for their fundraising auction quilt.  Then I came home and made heart appliques to apply to each square.  Phew!  I’m glad their class only has 21 kids.

heart appliques

Then, while the kids watched a movie this evening, I was able to piece together the back of the Wee Boy’s quilt.     Here it’s pinned together (it took two tries!) and ready for quilting.

I was also able to do several rows of quilting, but considering the late hour, I thought it best to turn the sewing machine off, in order to not disturb the downstairs neighbors.

And I also made some moisturizer!  My skin has been getting really dry lately, and the moisturizer/sunscreen I try to use in the morning only makes it worse (I blame the zinc!  My face doesn’t tend to agree with moisturizers that include a decent amount of sunscreen, especially ones that include zinc).  I’m trying to drink more water and wear hats and sunscreen, but I thought a super moisturizing cream can’t hurt…

goodbye, dry skin, i hope!

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