Class quilt

Today I worked on the Wee Girl’s class quilt for her school’s fundraising auction. 



I’m understanding how inexperienced I am with quilting, as today I realized I need two more yards of the red fabric in order to complete the back of the quilt.

Big oops, but there’s still plenty of time.  With a quilt for our home, I wouldn’t be as stressed, but because it’ll be an item up for auction in front of actual people,  so concerned with it looking good.  Worrying too much, I’m sure…

On a lighter note, I went to Green Apple Books this morning on a birthday shopping mission. I found the books and t-shirt I wanted for my husband, and also found some fun/interesting/hilarious items that did not come home with me. 

i love this!!

this looks like fun !


omg this is funny!


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