Birthday prep

The Wee Girl is turning 7 (7!!!!!!?????) on Saturday, and I’m trying to keep the piñata and goodie bag goodies on the healthy/non plastic/non disposable side. As such, I have various Annie’s snacks, organic lollipops, one chocolate (Andes, I couldn’t resist, they’re from Wisconsin just like me), erasers, wee pens, and I’m also making bath bombs and friendship bracelets. Enough, right?

Yep, Darth Vader bath bombs!

Yep, Darth Vader bath bombs!

While shopping I found this at a price impossible to resist.

My husband, having been traumatized by the flying monkeys, thinks the kids are too young for it, but I’m not sure… I think modern movies are much scarier… What age do you think is right for The Wizard of Oz??

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