Mindless knitting

You know those times when you have to be somewhere in public, surrounded by people, and you can’t stand the idea of just sitting there and listening, without doing anything with your hands?? Enter mindless knitting.

Tonight was my monthly business meeting for our co-op preschool. Luckily for me, I have knitting friends who met each other because they were both knitting at their co-op preschool’s business meetings, so I had a feeling it would be ok to knit there. And I happen to know there are other knitters among us… And I can knit my stockinette bears without looking at them much, allowing me to make plenty of eye contact and assure all that I am paying close attention to everything going on at the meetings, so as not to offend anyone.

Anyway, because of the meeting tonight, I’m so close to finishing my P bear!

Probably tomorrow, though… It was also my work day at preschool, so I’m particularly tired!  Do you have a particular kind of project you can knit in public around people who may or may not be knitters?

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