Cool quilt

Today I had some time to cut pieces for the Wee Girl’s class quilt for her school’s big fundraiser. Something was wrong with my math, though, and I only had fabric for 16 rectangles, while I need 21…


Back to Joann’s tomorrow…
In happier quilting news, I made a tiny bit of progress on the Wee Boy’s ‘cool quilt.’

It seems like a small task, but it took me so long to have the right circumstances- I pressed the seams of the 7 strips of blocks open. Big deal, right? Well, having the kitchen table clear and clean, no kids around, no other pressing tasks (well, I was ignoring the laundry, if you must know)… It’s hard to get all the stars aligned even for a small task like ironing. Silly, but true.
After pinning and sewing the quilt too, I get to decide how to arrange the leftover fabric for the back!! I’m looking forward to it!


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