Long day!

We started with soccer.

Then there was a birthday party, for which I had planned to see a gift. My original plan didn’t work, but I was able to whip up some reusable snack bags.


Third was the Wee Boy’s school fundraiser. The dress code was to choose a decade and dress in that style. I scoured a Goodwill while consulting with my mom by text, and came up with a 60s Mod~ish outfit.

Dress–$8, bag–$4, makeup–$8. The boots and scarf (below) I already had. I’m glad I could put this together cheaply!
After sending my mom the above photo, I added a scarf for my hair.

I think it really pulls the outfit together.
The event was fun! My husband had to work, so I asked a friend to go with me, and we had a good time! She even happened to have a perfect 50s outfit.

And there were several other Mod gals.


It was fun! I had forgotten how much I like to wear costumes!! Although… I had a kid’s birthday party to attend just before the fundraiser and I knew I wouldn’t have time in between, so I wore this to the party. People were complimenting me on my outfit and hair, so I found myself explaining that it was a getup. Funny!!!

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