This n that

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so the kids and I made him a healthy cake!

It’s vegan, no added fat, and it’s very tasty!

In crafty news, I’ve been working a lot on the Wee Girl’s class quilt.


Tonight I sewed the blocks into strips, along with some sashing. It’s coming along well.

Our sock knitting group is starting its next KAL, a linen stitch scarf. It’s meant to use lots of colors, so I gathered my sock yarn scraps to start planning…  The pattern is called Mini Mania.


I think grays with purples might be nice. What do you think?

All quilts, all the time

For the past few days, at least! I’m in the quilting ZONE!

The Wee Boy’s quilt is coming alone nicely.  Late last night, I ended up with this arrangement for the back.

tentative layout for the quilt back

I tend to be very set on using scraps, and only scraps, for the back, so it ends up being more work than the quilt top!  Oh well.

This morning, I went to the Wee Girl’s class to help the kids with their quilt squares for their fundraising auction quilt.  Then I came home and made heart appliques to apply to each square.  Phew!  I’m glad their class only has 21 kids.

heart appliques

Then, while the kids watched a movie this evening, I was able to piece together the back of the Wee Boy’s quilt.     Here it’s pinned together (it took two tries!) and ready for quilting.

I was also able to do several rows of quilting, but considering the late hour, I thought it best to turn the sewing machine off, in order to not disturb the downstairs neighbors.

And I also made some moisturizer!  My skin has been getting really dry lately, and the moisturizer/sunscreen I try to use in the morning only makes it worse (I blame the zinc!  My face doesn’t tend to agree with moisturizers that include a decent amount of sunscreen, especially ones that include zinc).  I’m trying to drink more water and wear hats and sunscreen, but I thought a super moisturizing cream can’t hurt…

goodbye, dry skin, i hope!

A long-awaited photo shoot

You know when you’ve knitted something for someone far away but you can’t send it off until you get good photos, because you don’t know if the recipient will ever take any? Well, finally today the stars aligned and the Wee Girl took these for me:



This is the Little House Shawl, knitted up in Madeleine Tosh DK in Manor. This was a really enjoyable little project! It starts with 396 stitches, so it gets smaller and smaller, and I felt like it went really quickly.   

It’s for my sister, who is the biggest (grown up) fan of Little House on the Prairie.  I imagine her donning it to watch the show…  Although it turned out so pretty, it’s hard to part with.

In other news, I tackled the Wee Boy’s quilt today and made great progress.



I’ve done some work on the back as well, but not enough to show you. 

Phew, that was a super crafty day! Good night!

Class quilt

Today I worked on the Wee Girl’s class quilt for her school’s fundraising auction. 



I’m understanding how inexperienced I am with quilting, as today I realized I need two more yards of the red fabric in order to complete the back of the quilt.

Big oops, but there’s still plenty of time.  With a quilt for our home, I wouldn’t be as stressed, but because it’ll be an item up for auction in front of actual people,  so concerned with it looking good.  Worrying too much, I’m sure…

On a lighter note, I went to Green Apple Books this morning on a birthday shopping mission. I found the books and t-shirt I wanted for my husband, and also found some fun/interesting/hilarious items that did not come home with me. 

i love this!!

this looks like fun !


omg this is funny!