Monkey socks

Hooray, I’m past the heels and gussets on my Monkey socks! They’re going so fast now that the pattern is only on the top of the socks!


The soft striping on the soles makes me wish I’d done them completely in stockinette, but oh, well. I’ve put too much time into these to frog now!! The main goal with this yarn was to NOT have it go back to the stash exchange for the 3rd? 4th? time. It was more than ready to get made into something!!


3 thoughts on “Monkey socks

  1. I keep telling myself I want to do monkey socks … And never seem to get there. Too many patterns, never enough time. 🙂

    These are lovely. I love the colors. Bright and cheery!

    • Yes, there are so many awesome sock patterns out there!!! These are pretty fun to knit– the pattern is so simple and it’s easy to tell right away if you’re off! That’s a bonus in my book.

      • I’m rather addicted to socks. It’s also so easy to finish them and get instant gratification. 🙂 These will get bumped up my queue!

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