I’ve been quietly plugging away at my POP blanket. Last night I blocked these six most recently finished squares.



I’m up to about 50-some squares, and am trying not to think of how far I have to go. I’m also starting to consider adding in random handspun from my stash to brighten it up. I’m afraid of this looking too dull! What do you think?

In other news, both kids had the day off for Presidents’ Day, so we went to the zoo.

Giraffes!  Four of 'em!

Giraffes! Four of ’em!




The Wee Boy LOVED feeding the sheep!


The Wee Girl tried and tried to get a shot of me feeding the sheep. This is the best of her efforts. Yes, my hair is bushy and out of control. I’m getting a haircut this Thursday.

It was super crowded, but worth it. But ohhh I’m tired!!!

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