A morning with the Wee Girl

Yesterday afternoon I discovered that the Wee Girl did not have school today. Whoops, gotta keep a closer eye on that school calendar, Mom!!! As the Wee Boy WAS in school, I abandoned my plans, and the Wee Girl and I took the morning to do things that she wanted to do that are markedly more difficult with a 3.5 year-old.

First up, B Patisserie!  http://bpatisserie.com/  It’s close to where we live, but we hadn’t made it before today.  We tried once, but it was on the weekend and a tad too late to be ahead of the crowd, and I could see that my huge stroller wouldn’t be a good fit….  So in the back of my mind, I’d been looking for a good time/excuse to get back and try again.  Today was perfect.  We even found really easy street parking just around the corner.



It did not disappoint.  The pastries were very good, the coffee was excellent, and no one had a tantrum or bolted….

Next, because it was raining and the Japanese Tea Garden would be difficult/dangerous, the Wee Girl wanted to go to the Academy of Sciences, where we were able to linger as long as we wanted at any given exhibit. It was so relaxing….  And we even learned a lot….




The morning sped by too quickly. I always forget how nice it is to be with just The Wee Girl.   She’s a different person without her little brother around (he can be such a challenge for the most patient of us!), and I sometimes miss the sweet, quiet times that she and I  used to have. I’m glad their school schedules are a tad different, so we sometimes get time alone together.

Because I did a flurry housework yesterday, and it was raining all day, I didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon.  The kids were fine at home, reading, playing, getting lots of Mom’s attention….  I didn’t touch anything crafty besides drying my handspun.   Pre-washing:

And post-washing:

It’s so silky and soft!!! It’s definitely destined to become something for around the neck.


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