POP blanket update

One of my 2015 goals is to finish my POP blanket. So far this year I’ve completed 5 squares.

This brings my grand total to 47 squares. Here they are pictured on a blanket whose measurements are perfect for a lap blanket that’s big enough to share. No, not exactly a lap blanket. I mean smaller than for use in a bed, but just the right size for reading or watching movies on the sofa. The background blanket looks bigger in the photo than it really is. It’s less than 5 feet long.

Of course there will be some crochet between and around the squares, which will add to the overall size, but I see that I still have quite a long way to go!


For some reason I didn’t feel like knitting this evening. I thinks it’s because my current WIPs take an amount of concentration (in the evening intend to craft with movies)but I also feel like I haven’t been spending much time with my other interests lately. So tonight I’m spinning.




Sad garter stitch cowl

Here are before and after photos of the garter cowl I knitted.

It was so soft and fluffy and squishy before blocking, and even though I was careful not to squash it, it flattened out and de-squishified. It so doesn’t stand up nicely at the chin as it did before. Now it drapes instead.

I’m torn between being ok with it and just sending it on to its recipient, or making something I’m more pleased with/proud of. Thoughts?

Rainbow hat!

I finished knitting my friend’s rainbow hat!!

But I still have these to deal with:

It’s not as bad as it seems. Luckily, I never allowed myself to develop a dislike for weaving in ends.

The squishy lovely garter stitch cowl? It’s done, the ends are grafted together, but it really flattened out between washing and blocking. I’m really sad about it! When it’s in the water, it puffs up and looks lovely, but drying on the blocking squares, it looks sad and stretched. What to do??

Instant gratification sewing

Among the many, many things I’ve been wanting to make are napkins. We are strictly a cloth napkin household, and with messy eaters, we can go through our supply pretty quickly.

I decided on a couple of stash
fabrics to please the kids, and one to please me.




As you can see, they’re nothing fancy, just a double hem and simple straight stitching. We broke them in at dinner tonight and they worked just fine. ­čÖé

A bulky garter stitch cowl

Having forgot my rainbow hat project in the car, I decided to start on my gift for the other mom in the baby hat gift set. Looking on Ravelry, a quick search didn’t yield exactly what I had in mind for this Merino handspun of mine that I think she’ll like.

I wanted a simple garter stitch cowl that will wrap around the neck twice. So I am improvising one: with size 11 needles, provisionally CO 17 stitches. Knit to desired length, graft ends together. Eeeeeeasy.


After about the length of a kids’ movie (Shrek, to be precise), I’m at 25″. My aim is to knit it to the length of my Honey Cowl, (the length is perfect!)which is about 50″.

This merino is so soft and lovely to knit with! I think this will look even lovelier after blocking, which, if I watch another movie or so, should come pretty fast!

Baby hats

Today was very much one of those in which I imagine I’ll get so many crafty things done, and I even broke ground on the Wee Boy’s quilt during a tiny bit of spare time. Then all of a sudden it was 9:30pm when I emerged from the kids ‘ room, having gotten them to sleep at last (and having caught a few zzzzs myself). So a few rows of knitting is all for today.


If this looks a bit familiar, well done! Last week I made a rainbow baby hat among the trio of Magic Coffee Baby Hats that I knitted for some friends who are expecting a baby in May.


Well, my soon-to-be-mom friend was in town the other day, and we got to hang out for a while and do fun, touristy things.

"Barbary Lane"

“Barbary Lane”

IMG_7886 IMG_7889 IMG_7891

I delivered the hats to my friend and she loved the rainbow one so much she asked for one for herself, which of course, is the best kind of flattery for a knitter! ┬áI was just about out of the dark gray, but luckily I had some light gray Cascade 220 superwash in the stash to come to the rescue. ┬áI think it’ll be cute. ┬áRainbows are always cute.


But I now have to come up with something to knit for the other mom, pictured above with the tiniest hat. I have a good idea in mind for her… ┬áSomething squishy and comfy and bright….

What?? Too tired to knit?

Well, last night I was. It was a super long day, started with an unintentional 80+minute workout at the gym. Kitchen Nightmares was on– two back-to-back episodes! I couldn’t step off the elliptical until I knew the restaurant would be ok. Phew.

Then I spent 3.5 hours in the emergency room with the kids. The Wee Girl fell on the playground and lacerated her knee. She was incredibly brave while getting 5 stitches and is doing fine, but it was a doozy of an afternoon!!!

And thus, I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30 last night having knit perhaps a few rows of a hat. Today was better, but I’m residually tired. I’m almost done with a cute hat, though!


It’s a slightly downsized version of Turn a Square. This will go toward my 2015 charity knitting goal.

In other news, my dyed roving and yarn are dry and I managed to take a few pics today:


The red really is almost as bright as it looks here. I think striping should help calm it down , don’t you?

Birthday swap 2015!

One of my favorite things about my knitting group is our birthday swap! For our 2015 Birthday Swap, the item we knit for one another is up to us, rather than having a unified theme as we always did in the past.

Not having much holiday crafting on my plate, I volunteered to knit for a January birthday, and tonight was my night to give! The giftee had noted that she’d like a wimple, so that’s what I made for her, using Madeleine Tosh DK in Dahlia.


The pattern is Fresco Basket Whip Cowl, a free pattern on Ravelry.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fresco-basket-whip-cowl  It was easy but not boring.  The lace kept things interesting, while knitting every other row kept things moving along at a steady pace.  It took maybe a week or two of only-at-home knitting.  I really recommend the pattern, as I enjoyed knitting it and it turned out lovely.



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I was so pleased with how much she liked it! Giving really is just as much fun as receiving! ­čÖé