Last night I was so excited to have reached the decreases on my Breaking Waves hat!

Well, if you look close you’ll see my mistake.

Oops! I was too excited about decreasing and ended up neglecting to finish the wave I’d been in the middle of!

To fix it without unknitting each stitch, I inserted the needle into the stitches of the row I was aiming for. The I pulled the needle out, and frogged a few rows until I reached the needle . and rewound the yarn .

And luckily it was an easy fix. Soon I was back to where I was, ready to start decreasing again . Perhaps tonight I’ll finish!


2 thoughts on “Glitch

  1. That knitting is beautiful. How do you manage the yarns? I’m trying to get better at colourwork- and am interested in how you hold the yarns?

    • I’m definitely not an expert in color knitting, but what I do is hold the two yarns in different hands. If there’s a main or dominant color, I hold it in my right. I try to anchor the non-dominant color if it’s more than 4-5 stitches that I’m not using it. If there are more than two colors, well…. I do it very slowly and awkwardly!

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