A bulky garter stitch cowl

Having forgot my rainbow hat project in the car, I decided to start on my gift for the other mom in the baby hat gift set. Looking on Ravelry, a quick search didn’t yield exactly what I had in mind for this Merino handspun of mine that I think she’ll like.

I wanted a simple garter stitch cowl that will wrap around the neck twice. So I am improvising one: with size 11 needles, provisionally CO 17 stitches. Knit to desired length, graft ends together. Eeeeeeasy.


After about the length of a kids’ movie (Shrek, to be precise), I’m at 25″. My aim is to knit it to the length of my Honey Cowl, (the length is perfect!)which is about 50″.

This merino is so soft and lovely to knit with! I think this will look even lovelier after blocking, which, if I watch another movie or so, should come pretty fast!

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