Birthday swap 2015!

One of my favorite things about my knitting group is our birthday swap! For our 2015 Birthday Swap, the item we knit for one another is up to us, rather than having a unified theme as we always did in the past.

Not having much holiday crafting on my plate, I volunteered to knit for a January birthday, and tonight was my night to give! The giftee had noted that she’d like a wimple, so that’s what I made for her, using Madeleine Tosh DK in Dahlia.


The pattern is Fresco Basket Whip Cowl, a free pattern on Ravelry.  It was easy but not boring.  The lace kept things interesting, while knitting every other row kept things moving along at a steady pace.  It took maybe a week or two of only-at-home knitting.  I really recommend the pattern, as I enjoyed knitting it and it turned out lovely.



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I was so pleased with how much she liked it! Giving really is just as much fun as receiving! 🙂

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