Thank you, blocking!

To be honest, I was worried about the tight fit of my Breaking Waves hat, and thought I might have to give it to the Wee Girl. However, after a wash and blocking it over a bowl, it fits great!

With the colorwork, you can bet this is a warm hat! I think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve made, and I love it!

This yarn will make you really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Today I picked up a few yarns to whip up some cowls for the Wee Boy’s school fundraiser. I chose BIG yarn, hoping that they’ll be really quick projects.


I also finished the Breaking Waves hat! Last night I finished the knitting and weaving in of ends, so all I had to do today was sew the brim under.


I was pleased withy floats, so I couldn’t resist a photo of the inside as well! The hat is blocking now. I hope it’ll stretch out somewhat with wear, because it’s kind of tight on me !


Last night I was so excited to have reached the decreases on my Breaking Waves hat!

Well, if you look close you’ll see my mistake.

Oops! I was too excited about decreasing and ended up neglecting to finish the wave I’d been in the middle of!

To fix it without unknitting each stitch, I inserted the needle into the stitches of the row I was aiming for. The I pulled the needle out, and frogged a few rows until I reached the needle . and rewound the yarn .

And luckily it was an easy fix. Soon I was back to where I was, ready to start decreasing again . Perhaps tonight I’ll finish!


Breaking waves

This is yesterday’s progress because I’m not feeling well today. I’m heading to bed instead of staying up too late knitting. This is going surprisingly fast!


Unexpected fabric stash enhancement

The kids and I spent most of the day with our friend in Petaluma, where we had a great visit and great food, walked a lot, admired some gorgeous old houses, and even managed to hit a quilting shop which was conveniently on the way to lunch. 😉







I managed to leave with only two small notions I needed, and a small “scrap bag” that I merely wanted.

Confession: when I peeked in the bag, I’d thought the top fabric was deer, so I was a bit surprised later to find that I’d chosen dairy-themed fabric! Maybe I’ll make things for my family back in Wisconsin, eh?

My friend also gave me this incredibly adorable insect-themed fabric! I’m pretty sure it’ll become cute things for kids.

Phew! That was a long day, but totally worth it.


Bear spottings!


oe Some of my bears have been spotted with their new owners in South Africa!


Veronika Bear!


Zoe Bear!


Gah!!  How cute are those dimples!!! What better motivation to finish up my current bear(s)???