A Monday’s crafting

This morning was full of appointments, to which I arrived plenty early, which meant knitting time.

New contact lenses!  New glasses!

New contact lenses! New glasses!

I am very, very close to finishing the sleeves of my Honeybee cardigan.

This evening, I got the Wee Girl to take some FO photos for me of the bulky scarf I recently knitted up.  Mostly they were pretty funny, but there were a few that were ok for public viewing.  This scarf still needs a shawl pin, because  I imagine it would look nice crossed in the front with a pin holding it in place.

Bulky scarf, modeled.

Bulky scarf, modeled.

Here’s a little craft I came up with myself (although I’m sure millions of people have had the same idea..).  I removed the needles from some boughs cut off our tree, gathered similar lengths, and hot glued them together into star ornaments.  I like it because it’s basically free, and I won’t shed any tears if the Wee Boy 1) breaks them 2) puts them in the tree’s water basin, or 3), whatever he comes up with that is beyond my imagination.



They might be a tad better with a ribbon at the top for hanging.  As they are, I think they’re cute and I wish I’d kept more branches before they went to the compost! We could do with fewer precious ornaments, and more sturdy/handcrafted ones.

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