Sock Sunday, non-sock version

Today was our monthly Sock Sunday meet-up!  I started out working on a snowflake, which, of course, was neither knitting nor socks.  I made some good progress, then had too much trouble with the pattern to continue crocheting socially.  I might actually turn to the chart in lieu of the written directions in this case!  This is a first!  GULP!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Today was our photo shoot for our “Cultural Heritage” themed KAL.  Most of us knit the Eisern pattern, although you might notice that some of us skipped the twisted stitches in the solid section, due to lack of visibility of said twisted stitches or possibility of crippling carpal tunnel.

Mostly Eiserns.

Mostly Eiserns.

A friend and I took turns photographing each other’s Eisern FOs, as I realized I only had taken sock selfies!

IMG_7116 IMG_7118

Tonight I’m spinning the locks that I’ve finished drum carding.  It’s not going amazingly well, and I’m realizing that I much prefer to spin fiber that is already prepared.  Carding isn’t really my thing, and I prefer spinning fibers that are well-prepared.

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