Not good enough!

So, for my second Magic Coffer Baby hat, I wanted the stripes to be in rainbow colors, using bits and pieces from my stash. The closest I have to yellow is some of my handspun. I thought it might be close enough, but it isn’t.

The other yarns are so bright, and the handspun is rather dull. Happily, I found I still had some piƱa agua fresca from a while back when I was doing done kool aid dyeing, plus a good amount of cream colored yarn.

Voila! Yellow yarn! (Sorry for the poor photo!).

It should be dry enough to knit tomorrow. In a way, I’m glad for the setback because I realized I only have 3 evenings to complete my spinning goal! Off to the wheel!


Magic coffee baby hats

One down!

You can see how tiny it is next to the tin of mints!
I’ve started another in the next size up.
This will be a colorful, scrappy version!

Now off to bed. I have another full week of two kids on
Christmas break, and I know they’ll be full of energy bright and early tomorrow!

Last fiber goal of 2014

Ah, the project I’m so good at avoiding: carding and spinning about a pound of Cormo locks. Spinning these is my last fiber-related goal of 2014, so I’m giving it one last push. I could feasibly finish carding tonight, then spend 2-3 evenings spinning them up. Wish me luck!

This wee project is tempting me, though. It’s a Magic Coffee baby hat for some friends who are expecting in the Spring. I’ll only see them once before then, so I want to have at least a little something to give them in person.

Back to carding! Good night!