Sewing with kids, and sleeves!

In preparation for our 1st grade crafting date, I tried out a few more wee stockings.

They looked fine, so we kept our plan, but also took along some felt, just in case, it turned out that one kid chose felt, so it worked out. Here are the kids’ projects!

It ended up that the kids/moms chose their fabrics, traced and cut them out, and I sewed them up on my machine. In one case, a sewing mom did it herself, and in several cases, a 1st grader pushed the foot pedal while I “steered.” Everyone was happy with their results. However, I will definitely keep felt in mind next time, as it was the easier to work with, and the results were neater.

I blocked my Honeybee cardigan on the needles last night, and found it to be more than long enough.

So I started the sleeves!

But…. These would be MUCH too big! My wrist circumference is about 6″!! So I did some math and decided to cast on 44 stitches instead of the 76 as the pattern directed. So far, so good. They fit and look fine.

Pretty good for a regular old Saturday!

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