Sewing with kids, take one

Today the Wee Girl and I did some prep for a small crafty party we’ll attend tomorrow with a few other first grade classmates.  My plan was to prepare a super easy sewing project that the kids could quickly finish.


Scraps galore!

The plan is to make these cute quilted stocking ornaments, which the kids will sew up by hand..

The Wee Girl and I had a pretty good time putting together different variations from my scrap fabrics to make palettes for our friends to choose from.


AND!  I let her use my sewing machine by herself.  (She’d shown interest in a toy sewing machine she saw in a catalog, but I convinced her that it’s better to learn on the REAL THING, and then I had to be true to my word, right???)  I didn’t even hover, which was a really big deal for me.  IMG_6949.JPG
Our test run was not what we’d pictured, but maybe I’m being too perfectionist about it??  To be super honest, the hand sewing wasn’t so easy for her, nor was the tracing and cutting.  Hmmm, maybe those parts will be closely supervised by the moms?  Or should I take my machine along for the kids to try out/me to whiz through the stockings?  It’s only 3 kids, after all…


Trial run!

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