Last-minute Thanksgiving sewing

This morning I got it into my head to whip up a wine gift bag for a dinner the kids and I were heading to. I chose this green leafy fabric I’d bought on impulse (those tempting remnants!!!), and some sweet bird ribbon.

While I was at it, I thought I’d do a few at the same time for those rare occasions I gift wine to someone. It was a good idea, considering how the first one turned out!

Big oops, with the ties at the bottom of the bag instead of near the top!
I’d deviated from the pattern, thinking that I’d made enough similar bags to know what I was doing. Ha!!! Luckily I fared better on the second one.

After dinner, I did some power knitting on my Honeybee Cardigan. Ughhh I’m getting so close but not quite to the underarms!!

I probably need at least two more pattern repeats before a preliminary blocking to see if it’s long enough. Power through!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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