Drum carding!

Today the Wee Girl and I attended an ice skating birthday party! It was my first time in over 10 years, her first time ever!


In fiber news, I got hold of a friend’s drum carder today and started in on my Cormo locks. It’s pretty fun and so much faster than doing it by hand!


First I cleaned out the fiber that was still there from previous projects, nice clean slate to start!


The batts I made are so, so fluffy and soft!!!

Not much left, but this amount I worked on today is only half of what I have! I ended up with about 7 batts.  I might separate them and run them through one more time, but spinning from these batts would be just fine, too.


I’m so excited to have my hands on this drum carder!  After trying to prepare the locks by hand, with hand carders, with a comb, trying a local wool mill, I was ready to give up on this last spinning project of 2014!  But I’m sure I can finish this project by the end of the year, hooray!

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