A knitting challenge!

Our knitting group’s annual stash exchange was held last Saturday, and on the following day, one of the moderators challenged us to be the first to post a photo of our first FO from stash exchange yarn.  I can’t resist a challenge, so I casted on for a Thorpe Hat using some bulky handspun yarn I’d just acquired.

However, it did not turn out well.



It’s just too huge and goofy!  So I frogged it right away and tried out a few simple lace patterns.

Almost perfect.

Almost perfect.

I just needed to tweak a little to get the borders right.   I ended up doing:

Row 1: K3 *YO, K2tog* until last 2 sts, then K2.

Row 2: Purl.

I did these two rows until I ran out of yarn, then I bound off.  I had about 6 inches of yarn left over, about 2 after weaving in my ends.  It’s blocking now, and I’m happy with it!

Just what I wanted.

Just what I wanted.

It’s not a long scarf, so I’m imagining it worn just crossed below the neck or so, and fastened with a simple shawl pin.

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