NaKniSweMo and quilt progress

The day started off well– at my sock knitting group I casted on for my Honeybee Cardigan for NaKniSweMo.

Time to cast on!

Time to cast on!

The bottom ribbing may be done, or may need another row or two.  I didn’t have my tape measure handy.  I stopped by Imagiknit for metal needles– I did my gauge swatch on bamboo and it was painfully slow.  I hope these lace needles will speed things up!

Later, due to a missed nap (boy) and a possible illness (girl), I had extra time for crafting.  I spent it ALL on the Wee Girl’s new quilt.  I cut all the sashing and the binding from the $%*& duvet cover.

Sashing and binding

Sashing and binding

Then I pinned the sashing to the quilt top strips, and voila!

Quilt top!

Quilt top!

A completed quilt top!  You might notice where I forgot to cut off the selvedge edge.  Ummm, design feature?  I’ll also need to add a patch in one spot where there wasn’t enough seam allowance for some reason, and if I don’t fix it now, it’ll soon become a hole.

I don’t know about you, but I see some improvement here over my first quilt.  First of all, I was more precise with cutting 13″-wide pieces, and secondly, I squared up the pieces that weren’t even after sewing this all up. The extra care should make the quilting step easier and neater than my first quilt.

I also took the time to press all the binding so that it’s ready when the time comes to sew it on!

Binding -->ready!

Binding –>ready!

I’m hoping to have time to shop for the batting tomorrow and get right to the quilting!

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