New quilt

Sigh.  I rather loathe the children’s duvets and duvet covers.  Whoever designed duvets for kids must not KNOW any kids.  The covers don’t stay on!  The duvets get bunched up!  The whole lot gets peed on and is a pain to launder and put back together!

So, with my recent quilt success under my belt, I decided to make the kids each a new quilt using their $#%* duvet covers and some scrap fabric. The Wee Girl’s is first up.  She chose several fabrics from my stash for her new quilt. After a tiny bit of measuring and math, I came up with a plan.

Today I cut the fabric into varying lengths that were 13″ wide, spread them out, and I had this:

It’s preliminary, but it’s big enough and I tend to like (and go with)my first editions. There will be sashing between the long rows that matches the backing (the %$&* duvet cover). It’ll get at least one sleep before any sewing takes place, so I may move things around…

The Wee Girl was distracted with watching Pingu and approved my design without really looking at it, so I feel like I pretty much have freedom with this one.

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