Sewing with kids, and sleeves!

In preparation for our 1st grade crafting date, I tried out a few more wee stockings.

They looked fine, so we kept our plan, but also took along some felt, just in case, it turned out that one kid chose felt, so it worked out. Here are the kids’ projects!

It ended up that the kids/moms chose their fabrics, traced and cut them out, and I sewed them up on my machine. In one case, a sewing mom did it herself, and in several cases, a 1st grader pushed the foot pedal while I “steered.” Everyone was happy with their results. However, I will definitely keep felt in mind next time, as it was the easier to work with, and the results were neater.

I blocked my Honeybee cardigan on the needles last night, and found it to be more than long enough.

So I started the sleeves!

But…. These would be MUCH too big! My wrist circumference is about 6″!! So I did some math and decided to cast on 44 stitches instead of the 76 as the pattern directed. So far, so good. They fit and look fine.

Pretty good for a regular old Saturday!

Sewing with kids, take one

Today the Wee Girl and I did some prep for a small crafty party we’ll attend tomorrow with a few other first grade classmates.  My plan was to prepare a super easy sewing project that the kids could quickly finish.


Scraps galore!

The plan is to make these cute quilted stocking ornaments, which the kids will sew up by hand..

The Wee Girl and I had a pretty good time putting together different variations from my scrap fabrics to make palettes for our friends to choose from.


AND!  I let her use my sewing machine by herself.  (She’d shown interest in a toy sewing machine she saw in a catalog, but I convinced her that it’s better to learn on the REAL THING, and then I had to be true to my word, right???)  I didn’t even hover, which was a really big deal for me.  IMG_6949.JPG
Our test run was not what we’d pictured, but maybe I’m being too perfectionist about it??  To be super honest, the hand sewing wasn’t so easy for her, nor was the tracing and cutting.  Hmmm, maybe those parts will be closely supervised by the moms?  Or should I take my machine along for the kids to try out/me to whiz through the stockings?  It’s only 3 kids, after all…


Trial run!

Last-minute Thanksgiving sewing

This morning I got it into my head to whip up a wine gift bag for a dinner the kids and I were heading to. I chose this green leafy fabric I’d bought on impulse (those tempting remnants!!!), and some sweet bird ribbon.

While I was at it, I thought I’d do a few at the same time for those rare occasions I gift wine to someone. It was a good idea, considering how the first one turned out!

Big oops, with the ties at the bottom of the bag instead of near the top!
I’d deviated from the pattern, thinking that I’d made enough similar bags to know what I was doing. Ha!!! Luckily I fared better on the second one.

After dinner, I did some power knitting on my Honeybee Cardigan. Ughhh I’m getting so close but not quite to the underarms!!

I probably need at least two more pattern repeats before a preliminary blocking to see if it’s long enough. Power through!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Oh my, I somehow thought it was still the 20th of November or so. No way will I finish this cardigan in November, but I’m still making some serious effort! I’m up to 10 inches. I think I’ll block (on the needles) at 14″ and see if that’s long enough.

I have hopes that this sweater will grow quite a bit with blocking, which would be great, because knitting it isn’t that much of a treat. It’ll be pretty, though.

Drum carding!

Today the Wee Girl and I attended an ice skating birthday party! It was my first time in over 10 years, her first time ever!


In fiber news, I got hold of a friend’s drum carder today and started in on my Cormo locks. It’s pretty fun and so much faster than doing it by hand!


First I cleaned out the fiber that was still there from previous projects, nice clean slate to start!


The batts I made are so, so fluffy and soft!!!

Not much left, but this amount I worked on today is only half of what I have! I ended up with about 7 batts.  I might separate them and run them through one more time, but spinning from these batts would be just fine, too.


I’m so excited to have my hands on this drum carder!  After trying to prepare the locks by hand, with hand carders, with a comb, trying a local wool mill, I was ready to give up on this last spinning project of 2014!  But I’m sure I can finish this project by the end of the year, hooray!

Honeybee progress

My new sock project is so much fun, and goes so quickly, but I felt I was neglecting my big November project, my Honeybee Cardigan! Yesterday is looked like this:

But after working in it through some “sick” time, as well as a few movies with the kids, now it looks like this:

Now I’m seeing some progress, and I’ve finally gotten into a groove with this pattern. I don’t have high hopes of actually finishing this in November, but if I keep this rate up, I’ll have a really good chunk of it done!

Sinus infection and Spirited Away

It was another Sick Day for me, although I had to be more active than yesterday, so I couldn’t rest as much.  As such, I let the kids watch a movie even though it wasn’t a designated movie night.  Spirited Away is always a good choice.  It isn’t until near the end, but eventually you see some of the characters spinning and knitting, and there’s even a weaving loom in the background.  Yeah!



Eventually Granny (Zeniba) presents Chihiro with a hair tie which she says her friends “wove together,” which is odd considering the skills they used, but oh well.  They tried.

Now off to bed, hopefully to feel better tomorrow.

And an unofficial knitting challenge

In addition to the ‘official’ stash exchange challenge, I’ve also challenged myself to knit up some lonely sock yarn that has appeared at our stash exchange for about 3 years in a row!  I decided to knit it up right away so there will be no chance of it returning.

I would it up the day after the exchange, and casted on two days later.  I decided on the sock pattern “Monkey” by Cookie A., as I’d knitted it before and found it a fun and quick knit.  It also looks cute in variegated yarn, which is what I scored at the stash exchange.

I casted on at knit night last night, and at the end of the evening it looked like this:

Shlogging through the ribbing...

Shlogging through the ribbing…

After spending most of today in bed watching Harry Potter and knitting on and off (I think my on/off cold has turned into a sinus infection), I have this:

The fun part!

The fun part!

The pattern is fun to knit– it’s interesting enough not to bore me, but it’s not so difficult that I have to look at the pattern too much to make fast progress.

PS- the yarn is Lorna’s Laces Sock (striped or multi?  I don’t know) in the colorway Daffodil.