Quilt photo shoot

Today I was blessed with a long-napping kid and copious free time to photograph my quilt!

I had to stand on a table and hold my phone all the way up to the ceiling to get a full shot.  I’m pleased that the imperfections I could see so well while sewing it up are less noticeable now.


Here you can see a bit of stitch detail.  At the last minute, I researched whether or not I could do all the binding by machine, and the internets said yes, so I did.  I didn’t do it invisibly… I don’t think we’ll be scrutinizing this quilt up close for perfection, and I really wanted it to be sturdy so I can let my kids use it without me freaking out.

Le quilt.

Le quilt.

The back is something we can giggle about; how I oddly assumed that my large pieces were cut straight, and how I just went with it….  Or it was artistic license?  Or that I meant it to be a scrappy quilt and I didn’t need it to be perfect, so this funny result is A-ok with me??  Yes, the last one.


A little closer look at the details.


I took these photos on my bed, because it’s the only large space I had available that I wouldn’t have to vacuum, but this quilt really belongs on the sofa.  I imagine it will spend most of its life like this:


But if the kids have their way, it will be on the floor as a picnic blanket, hanging off the bunk beds for a tent, draped over their bodies as they pretend to be monsters…. and that’s fine, too.  As long as it gets used and enjoyed!

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