Go, Giants!

Confession: I grew up in a state with a pretty good football team, and now I live in a city with both an excellent baseball AND football team.  Pretty cool, right?  Except that… I’m not a sports fan.  I’m just not!  I even tried to conjure up some team spirit the last time the Giants were in the World Series, but I couldn’t.  I’d much rather watch Firefly, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, or old episodes of Friends.

However, the Wee Girl likes the idea of being a Giants or Niners fan, and her school had a Giants Day in support of the Giants being in the World Series again.  For this, they were encouraged to wear black and orange Giants gear instead of their usual uniforms.  Conundrum! We have no Giants gear!  I even went to Target at the last minute, but they’d been cleared out, due to the Giants qualifying for the World Series!  So I did what any crafty mom would do, I improvised a Giants headband out of yarn I had on hand, so she’d have something to wear.

Cheaper than a jersey!

Cheaper than a jersey!

Using size 9 needles, I casted on about 12 stitches, and knit garter stitch until it was long enough.  Then I knitted the flower from the headband in Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation, and sewed it on.  Voila, instant fan gear!

Very happy with her "Giants gear."

Very happy with her “Giants gear.”

Her teacher gushed over it, so I decided to make one for her as well.  She’s a San Francisco native, so she’s really into the Giants!

Because I had a little more time to think it over, I doubled the yarn and used bigger needles.  I finished the headband during one soccer practice (with interruptions), and the flower in less than one movie (with interruptions).  I hope she likes it!


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