Hand carding, or rather… trying to.

The other day I mentioned the large amount of locks in my possession, the last spinning project of my 2014 goal.  It’s proven harder than I thought.  First, the procrastination because it’s something new.  Second, how the heck to do it!?  I’ve sat down once or twice to just try to spin them, but they are somewhat mixed up and twisted together, so some organizing is in order.

Today I borrowed a pair of hand carders from a knitting/spinning/sewing/every-craft-imaginable friend, and dug out my spinning books.



I tried “combing” the locks with the hand carders.  That was hard.  I tried carding them.  That was also hard, and the result wasn’t exactly a rolag.  The pile of locks didn’t seem to be getting smaller, even with this fetching mermaid helping me.

So much to do!

So much to do!  And this is only HALF of the locks!

At the end of my efforts tonight, I had this basket of would-be rolags, and a pile of combed locks.  I would say that the combing was more successful, but it is going to take some major effort/time to get it all of the locks in spinning condition.   One of my books also suggests a fine dog comb, which I think might be easier for me.  Maybe I’ll seek one out.

Results of tonight.

Results of tonight.

And here, for your viewing pleasure and to end the day on a positive note, is a gratuitous photo of San Francisco Bay that I took this afternoon.  There seemed to be some kind of sailing class taking place.  Sometimes the boat would capsize, and it was pretty exciting to watch.

Gratuitous photo of San Francisco Bay.

Gratuitous photo of San Francisco Bay.

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