POP blanket update

I’m definitely way behind on my goal of one POP square per day!  My knitting friends pointed out that since this blanket is a long-term project, meant to be worked on now and then, it’s totally ok to fall behind.  That was just what I needed to hear!  Since finishing up the Halloween costumes and having such great progress done on my quilt,  I’ve gotten back into knitting the squares, one per day~ish.

Today I finally blocked my most recent stack of squares.  As I did so, I marked my blocking pieces with 5″ x 5″ squares in fabric ink, so I don’t have to measure each square, every time I block them.

Squares = easy blocking!

Squares = easy blocking!

In the photo below, you can easily tell the first skein of handspun from the second– the first was basically orange and purple, while the second has fuschia, purple, brown… It should brighten up the blanket a little.

Latest squares.

Latest squares, blocking.

So far I have about 39 squares (I finished one after taking this photo).  They are only roughly the size of my cutting mat, which is  36″ by 24.”  Not very big.  I’ve started to run a little low on my second skein of handspun, too.

ALLLLL my squares thus far.

ALLLLL my squares thus far, in no particular order.



Feeling pretty sure that I’ll need more handspun, I decided to finish up the last part of my spinning goal for 2014, so I can get to the matching roving!  My final 2014 spinning project is these Cormo locks! This photo only shows half- I already divided it in half by weight.  I’ve never spun locks before! I’ve found that predrafting these is pretty hard, and there are some bits that would be REALLY hard to straighten out, or they’ll make my spinning very lumpy.  So I think I’ll ask around to see if any friends have handcarders I can borrow.  And then I’ll teach myself how to use them….

Oh, never mind....

Oh, never mind….

With that out of the way, I can start this spinning project!  This was my only roving purchase from Stitches 2014, and it happens to go well with my POP handspun.  (What is it with me and purchasing well-coordinating roving at Stitches??)

Let's do this instead!

Let’s do this instead!

So please excuse me while I get started!

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