Quilt back, done!

This morning while the Wee Boy was at preschool, I worked furiously on piecing together my quilt back out of leftover scraps.  As I thought might happen, it came up a wee bit short.

About 2 inches too short!

About 2 inches too short!

No problem!  I grabbed some more scraps, made a nice new strip, and sewed it onto the main piece, and voila!



I have the feeling it might bunch up in places, due to the haphazard nature of my backing piece, but I don’t think I mind so much.  The front should be fairly smooth.  Although!  Both my daughter and husband have declared that they like the back more than the front!  More random!  More artsy!  Hmm.

Oh, and that patch?  I realized after seaming that part that I’d cut into the seam allowance and there was a tiny hole, which would have become a bit hole, so I hopefully stopped it with a patch.  Of course, I was happy to use up the very last bit of my bird fabric!  Put a bird on it!

And, unexpectedly, I finished my Washi Dress tonight!  All this quilting made me feel guilty about leaving these dress pieces, all ready to sew up, for so long.  So I sewed it up!  it only took an hour or so, and now I have no UFOs.  Hopefully I’ll have decent photos soon.

Washi dress!  Long time no see!

Washi dress! Long time no see!

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