Quilt top, done!

Today I had time to sew the last 4 strips of my quilt top together, then later I was able to sew that chunk of 4 strips together with the main section of the quilt.  Whew!  What a good feeling to have this done!  It’s interesting to me that, when looking at the pieces up close,  I notice each little inconsistency, how one row didn’t line up exactly with the next, how x could have been better, etc.,  but if I look from a few feet away, it looks just fine.  A good lesson for life, perhaps. Back up a few feet, and things look a lot better than from up close.



After the top was finished, I started right in on the back, which I had basically planned to do randomly based on a basic plan.  I had two large pieces left over from previous projects, so I’d keep them whole, and piece together leftover bits from previous projects.

Then this happened.



It wasn’t too bad, though, and by the end of my evening, I managed to cobble together a good bit of the quilt back.  It’s kind of a fun contrast from the orderly quilt top, to have such a random back.  But, it is the back, after all, and therefore less focused upon than the front, so I shouldn’t fret too much about it???

Nearly there.

Nearly there.

As it is, I think it will be big enough, but I do have enough scraps left to make another row if necessary.  I’m kind of proud of making this entire quilt from scraps.  As with knitting,  I love the challenge of making every inch of supplies count.  Where my husband would ask, “Why don’t you just go buy more fabric/yarn?” I like to ask, “How can I make the most of what I have?”  And the visible decrease in my fabric stash is pretty fulfilling.  🙂

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