Crafting for the co-op

The Wee Boy goes to a co-op preschool, which means it’s heavy on parent involvement. (Understatement???) At the recent business meeting, I volunteered to a request for felt images for stories, you know those felt boards on which teachers use felt figures to tell stories? Well, I said I’d make ’em. A few days later, I got the assignment. I procrastinated, worried that they might be complex, even though the teacher’s note read “outlines are perfect!” Luckily they are easy stories/figures, and I’m almost done with two out of the three books I agreed to do.

IMG_5509.JPG As you can see, outlines are not perfect for my Virgo self, I have to do details!!! The girl will get a face, don’t worry!!  Oops, and I see that one of the Big Green Monster’s ears snuck over to Ella Sarah’s hat.

They aren’t that much work, but this kind of work is best done when I’m at my best; morning or during nap.  After bed time I’m so tired, mindless knitting or spinning are my best bets.  My goal is to turn them in on Monday, but this is a full weekend with no naps at home scheduled, so we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Crafting for the co-op

    • Me too! Except I remember them from preschool. I even have my photo with one at my preschool’s Christmas program. My part was the angel, which of course a 3 (4?) year-old would love!

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