Wonder Woman sweater, done!

Hooray, I finished the collar of the Wonder Woman sweater today!  The pattern has a ribbed collar, but as it was already kind of high, I decided on a rolled stockinette collar.  I was afraid the ribbed collar would stand up and look like  Nehru jacket, which is not the look I was aiming for….

Wonder woman!

Wonder woman!

Back of sweater

Back of sweater

Wee Boy couldn't resist trying it on!

Wee Boy couldn’t resist trying it on!

It fits!  It really fits!

It fits! It really fits!

Back, modeled.

Back, modeled.

Phew, I’m so glad that this thing fits!  I had the feeling that it was going to be long and slim-fitting, even though the fronts consistently measured at at least 13″ across.  I think the curling of the stockinette was messing with my mind.

Overall, this was a fine pattern.  It was mostly charted, without many written instructions, so a beginning knitter might need some help, while an experienced knitter will be fine.  I should also mention that this pattern was written for adults, with the yarn doubled.  I used a single strand of yarn and intended this for a 6 year-old.

I didn’t actually do many modifications to change it to a little girl’s sweater!  I just measured my kid, did a gauge swatch and casted on for the second smallest size (okay, I did the smallest size first but it was looking too small, so I started over with the second smallest size).  I only did a bit of math in figuring when to start the colorwork on the chest.  I started around 12.2″, and it seems fine.

I’m happy that it’s not too snug, and there’s definitely room to grow into this sweater.  Now, where can I procure an invisible jet for the Wee Girl???

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