Avoiding Second Sleeve Syndrome

I have a certain fear of Second Sleeve (sock, what have you) Syndrome that drives me to knit two at a time whenever possible in order to avoid putting off knitting the second item.  However, with the Wonder Woman sweater, with all the color work, there would be too many yarns/balls at play if I knit two sleeves at a time.  When this situation happens, I try to cast on for the second item as soon as I’ve bound off the first.  And so it was with these sleeves.  I’m this far on sleeve #2: 

Good progress!

Good progress!

Pretty good, considering that I was still on the gold at the beginning of the evening, and also keeping in mind that I fell asleep several times whilst putting the Wee Boy to sleep…

I was a little scared to compare with Sleeve #1, because my colorwork has definitely relaxed, but they look pretty even in length, thank goodness.  

See my improvement?

See my improvement?

I find it interesting how the colorwork gets SO much better with practice.  I also employed bobbins instead of carrying the yarn much earlier in Sleeve #2 than in Sleeve #1, as you can see here:

so many ends!

so many ends!

Yes, it means more ends to weave in, but I find that my tension is better when I use bobbins for intarsia instead of trying to carry the yarn too far.

I’m happy with my progress on Sleeve #2.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to knitting it, which is why I dove in right away and gave it some effort, and I’m glad I did.  The thing about colorwork is that it’s rather inspiring seeing the shape/picture appear, that one may knit more than intended in a sitting, in order to finish a particular section.  Yep, that’s exactly why I have a whole star to show you tonight, instead of just some gold/blue bits.

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