Grand plans

First of all, my boy’s teacher was very happy with my felt story board figures! Yay!!!

In sad-ish news, I had grand plans for working on the kids’ Halloween costumes today; during nap time as well as post bed time. But this is as far as I got:

Yep. I gathered supplies. Better than nothing?
To make up for my lack of fun crafty news, in completely unrelated news, here’s a photo of a dog looking completely innocent of a crime I’m pretty sure it committed.


Crafting for the co-op, 2!

Tonight I finished my felt pictures for the Wee Boy’s preschool! I made felt story illustrations for “the Big Green Monster,” “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed,” and “The Napping House.” I’m pleased with the results, although I think in real life my dog would be too pudgy to walk!

In other news, the kids and I went apple picking in Sonoma with friends today! I hoped to take lots of interesting photos,
But I ended up forgetting my phone at my friend’s house, so I have none!! So here are two pics from Petaluma.


I hope you had a nice weekend too!

Crafting for the co-op

The Wee Boy goes to a co-op preschool, which means it’s heavy on parent involvement. (Understatement???) At the recent business meeting, I volunteered to a request for felt images for stories, you know those felt boards on which teachers use felt figures to tell stories? Well, I said I’d make ’em. A few days later, I got the assignment. I procrastinated, worried that they might be complex, even though the teacher’s note read “outlines are perfect!” Luckily they are easy stories/figures, and I’m almost done with two out of the three books I agreed to do.

IMG_5509.JPG As you can see, outlines are not perfect for my Virgo self, I have to do details!!! The girl will get a face, don’t worry!!  Oops, and I see that one of the Big Green Monster’s ears snuck over to Ella Sarah’s hat.

They aren’t that much work, but this kind of work is best done when I’m at my best; morning or during nap.  After bed time I’m so tired, mindless knitting or spinning are my best bets.  My goal is to turn them in on Monday, but this is a full weekend with no naps at home scheduled, so we’ll see.

Quilt, day 5

By Day 4, I mean days of actually working on the quilt, not days that it’s been in existence.

Yesterday I sewed squares into strips 5-8, and today I sewed those strips to the rest of the quilt ( what I’d finished on Day 3).

There’s a bit of poofiness in the middle, where I think I tried to hard to match corners and didn’t listen to what the fabric wanted to do. By this I suppose I really mean that my cutting wasn’t as precise as it should have been! 😉 I keep telling myself that it’s just my first one, and not to be hard on myself. 🙂

Quilt, day 3

What I accomplished today: IMG_5438.JPG
I kind of wanted to do more, but I also don’t want to burn out on this project. I also sustained some kind of bite in my right middle finger that has my hand feeling stuff and weird. Anyway! I’m so pleased! The squares are pretty even, and I haven’t messed up yet. 😉