A cardigan!

Due to a little extra afternoon knitting time, plus knit night, I finished knitting my Alpengluhen cardigan tonight!


It’s funny, even when I was plugging away at this, while ignoring all other crafts, I still didn’t imagine it would be done so soon! Now all the ends are woven in, and it’s currently soaking in Eucalan, ready to be laid out to dry!
Here’s one more pic, with what was left of the skein from which I was working. In full disclosure, though, I still have two full skeins left, so there wasn’t any fun panic involved here tonight. ūüėČ

Now back to the blanket knitting!!!

Two sleeves!

The wee boy skipped his nap today, so bed time was at a lovely, early hour, giving me plenty of time to knit.  I was able to finish the second sleeve of my Alpengluhen cardigan!

Sleeve #2!

Sleeve #2!

I don’t know if it will be noticeable, and at this point I don’t exactly care, but because the Madeleine Tosh yarn is hand-dyed and each lot is different, etc., etc., I alternated skeins for the body. ¬†However, by the time I got to the arms, I was tired of twisting and untwisting the skeins, so I didn’t alternate. ¬†One arm might be a little lighter than the other, but I don’t think I’m going to care. ¬†

Next up, neckband, then buttonbands! ¬†I hope to at least get the neckband going before knit night tomorrow, so I won’t have to think too much, and will be able to visit with my fellow knitters. ¬†ūüėČ

Wasn’t I knitting a sweater?

Yes, I was. ¬†My Alpengluhen sweater took a break when I realized that I couldn’t live with the too-many mistakes I’d made on the fronts. ¬†First of all, I decreased too much at the arm holes. ¬†Three stitches may not seem like much in fingering weight, but in heavy worsted/bulky, it meant that I lost almost an inch of width for the fronts.¬†

Then when I decreased¬†for each front, I found that I didn’t end up at exactly the same place on each side. ¬†You see, decreasing along with cabling and ribbing, somehow I ended up with¬†the cable/rib pattern ending at different parts. ¬†It was only one stitch off, but that difference PLUS the too-big armholes/too-narrow fronts was just too much. ¬†

I procrastinated frogging the fronts, but once I did, things moved along pretty well.  I finished the fronts with them looking symmetrical, and picking up the stitches for the sleeves was easy.  I really like how this pattern does the sleevesРit has you pick up stitches all around the arm hole, then you knit short rows back and forth from the top of the shoulder until you reach the bottom of the arm hole, then you knit in the round down the sleeve.  Very cool, and no sewing!

This is my progress as of last night. ¬†Now I’m a bit further on and very happy to be back on track before it became a UFO!

Great progress!

Great progress!

I’ve let myself get a tiny bit behind on my blanket squares in order to get this sweater going again, but my make-up knitting should be manageable, knock on wood! ¬†

I have an ulterior motive to finish this sweater up quickly– some friends and I will be doing a KAL for this sweater! ¬†wonder woman sweater!¬† I’ll be knitting it for the wee girl, not for myself. ¬†I can happily wear a Star Wars dress in public, but I think this is too bold for me. ¬†:0

Much soft. So fluffiness. Very yarn. Wow.

Ohhh the Merino handspun turned out even nicer than I expected!  Upon drying, it is so soft and squishy and lovely!  

Here are some photos of the entire process:

The roving in its entirety:

222 g of Merino!

222 g of Merino!

Two bobbins of spun singles:



Two fat bobbins of 2-ply:


2 skeins of plied yarn, pre-washing:

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

2 skeins of plied yarn, post-washing.  Can you see how the yarn plumped up and relaxed?  I just love it!!!

So soft!

So soft!

And next up is this bit of green roving that the Wee Boy dyed on Easter with leftover dye. ¬†I think I might try spinning this plump as well, because I’m so, so happy with my fluffy white Merino, in spite of the thick/thin areas. ¬†


Batter up!

So squishy

My white Merino plied beautifully, and as I wound it onto my niddy noddy, I was amazed at how soft it was. ¬†It fluffed up when I washed it, and I’m looking forward to finding out how fluffy and soft it will be when it’s dry!

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

Almost 8 ounces of Merino, plied!

In only three evenings of spinning, I was able to turn this: 

222 g of Merino!

222 g of Merino!

Into these singles:



And then into this two-ply yarn!




Spinning thicker yarn is hard for me.  My default yarn is sport/DK~ish, which of course takes a lot more time.  Spinning this thicker yarn took some concentration, but it was nice getting such a large amount spun in a short time!  I might be practicing thicker yarn from time to time, especially when my goal is to SPIN THE STASH!  :0

I don’t have much use for white yarn, so I will either dye this or¬†eventually destash it…. ¬†Although! ¬†I was recently glancing through my notebook of my handspinning notes, and I noticed that a rather large amount of my handspun has been gifted or otherwise destashed to other people, rather than being knitted up by me. ¬†While there’s nothing at all wrong with giving away beautiful yarn to deserving recipients, I’d like to knit more of my own handspun! ¬†I know it’s early for resolutions, but I’ve resolved that in 2015, I will knit up my handspun yarn stash! ¬†

And if you happen to know really great patterns for using up smallish quantities of handspun yarn, please let me know!

Spinning, start ’em young!

Last night I started one of my last three goal-oriented spinning projects.  I started with this bump of Merino.

222 g of Merino!

222 g of Merino!

I divided it into two bumps.


Half! On the first try!

Then I realized that before I could spin, I needed to take care of leftover singles on my bobbins! ¬†I decided to ply them together, with the gold being the main color of one ply, and the others as… the other ply. ¬†I ended up having to use lots of little bits of leftover singles, so it’s going to be a Crazy Yarn!


It turned out that someone had trouble staying in bed last night and ended up getting to help Mommy with some plying.   

First we pedaled together.






What works? TEAMwork!

Then she pedaled.


Pedaling solo takes practice!!

Then she got to feed the yarn onto the bobbin.


Plying is relaxing…

I’ll show you the Crazy Yarn soon! ¬†I didn’t get around to skeining it today…. ¬†

After we finished the Crazy Yarn, I was able to spin half of my singles, which is amazing, considering that the original bump¬†was almost 8 ounces! ¬†This is where the advice of friends comes in: I talked to a spinning/knitting/sewing friend about not being too excited about this project (nearly 8 ounces of plain white….), and she advised me to spin it thicker than I usually do. ¬†So that’s what I’m trying to do! ¬†Thicker predrafting, some thick and thin areas, and it’s going fast! ¬†I think it’ll also be nice to end up with a different weight of yarn than I usually spin. Then I get to dye it….?

Marvel pants!

The Marvel comics pants have been a big hit! ¬†They are super roomy, comfy, colorful, and the kids are happy with them. ¬†Please disregard the fact that the boy is mixing DC with Marvel in this photo. ¬†ūüėČ

Marvel pants!

Marvel pants!


Marvel pants mid-twirl

Batman pants may be coming soon!

F Bear

I think this guy’s name is Frank Junior. ¬†I finished him tonight while watching Finding Nemo with the kids. ¬†