Washi Dress

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make the Washi Dress.  A friend who had made it suggested the shirring technique used in the Washi Dress to tighten up the baggy back of my first dress, and it worked great.  I bought the fabric, bought the pattern, and eventually got to it!  

BUT!  Reading this and that from people who had made the dress, I thought it might be a good idea to do the tunic version to test it out, size-wise–(I didn’t have muslin for the muslin practice version, and I wanted to just get started!!!). 

Well!  I’m still a novice at buying sewing patterns online, so I didn’t realize that when I clicked on BUY NOW! I would get a download from which I’d need to print a ton of papers, cut them, and tape them together quite precisely.  

Just starting...

Just starting…

It took an entire naptime, aka, 2 hours.  

The pattern in its entirety!

The pattern in its entirety, minus the sweat.

That was yesterday.  Today during nap time, I was able to cut out almost the entire pattern.  It shouldn’t take that long, but sometimes I had to backtrack– like when I realized that I’d save fabric by NOT folding the fabric in half, but only as far as I needed to get the width of the pattern piece, of course after tracing an entire pattern piece…..  Etc!  But eventually I had all the pieces!

All cut out!

All cut out!

And from there, it was astonishingly easy and quick!  Before I knew it, I was sewing darts and pleats!

Pleats, please!

Pleats, please!

At one time I realized that I’d placed the FOLD line on the wrong part (the shoulders instead of the bodice middle!), so there’s an odd seam at the bodice front, but… this is a learning piece, so I just cut the shoulders, seamed the bodice front, and ran with it.

And suddenly I had an entire tunic on my hands, minus topstitching at the neck, hemming, and arm finishings!  But I ran out of navy thread, so those will wait until tomorrow.

Washi tunic!

Washi tunic!

The really good news is that when I tried it on…. it fit!  It fits very well, in fact.  I’ll definitely make a dress (or 2, 3, ….???) out of this pattern!  It was worth the bitterness of all that cutting and taping, after all!  :0

3 thoughts on “Washi Dress

  1. You are patient to have to prep this way. My mum can’t handle this type of pattern. She’d rather buy one of the traditional patterns with those brown paper pieces.

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