Wonder Woman sweater KAL!

The Wonder Woman sweater KAL was meeting early at Knit Night for an official Cast-on.  In preparation, I knitted and washed a swatch that I found to be just right for the sweater.  I was lucky to have hit the jackpot on my first try (US size 7!)  The yarn is Cascade Hollywood, which as one would imagine, is sparkly!

A sparkly swatch!

A sparkly swatch!

I thought we were all swatching before the Official Cast-on, but I was the only one who did, so I got to jump right into the math of knitting.  This pattern is written for a grown-up, but I’m knitting mine for the Wee Girl, so I have some adjusting to do.  However, the pattern uses this yarn doubled, and  at my gauge with a single strand, it looks like I can follow the directions/charts for a women’s size S.  Fingers crossed that it’ll be simple!

3 swatches going on!

3 swatches going on!

So far so good!  I’m super tired so I’ll try to get in a few more rows tonight; hopefully i’ll have some progress to show you tomorrow!

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