Not a crafty day

Between riled-up kids, mostly solo parenting, an ice cream social, wacky bed times, and back-to-school preparations, I only managed a tiny bit of knitting today, with nothing really to show for it.

However, this is dry, and rather pretty!

And I have an idea brewing for fixing the Wee Girl’s loved-to-death blankie. I thought I’d back it with this silky fabric, quilt-style~ish. Maybe interfacing would help the thin flannel last a little longer? Any ideas?






It’s back to school tomorrow, and this mama can’t wait to have a little freedom! I have so many grand plans or how to spend my 2 hours 50 minutes 4 days a week! Most of them involve sewing, organizing, and exercising, with perhaps an occasional nap!

3 thoughts on “Not a crafty day

  1. Why only that short amount of time? James goes to school part-time or kindergarten half day? Very sweet how much that blanket is loved. Did you make that originally?

    • The boy has preschool only in the mornings, and the first two days of elementary school this week were short, ending at 12:30! AND I had my weekly workday today at the co-op preschool. So the days this week have been kind of busier than they’ll normally be during the school year….

    • OH, about the blanket! I didn’t make that one, a friend from my first ever knitting group made it when the wee girl was born, and it has been loved to DEATH! I did some major repair work on it– will blog about that soon!

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