Alpengluhen cardigan, done!

Yesss!  With my cardigan blocked, and a few toddler-free hours on my hands, I was able to shop for buttons this morning at Imagiknit.

How to choose??

How to choose??

It was harder than usual to choose buttons today!  This “Vermillion” colorway is between pink and red, and I didn’t want to choose a neutral black or brown and feeling like my shoes or accessories would always have to match.  I wanted something subtle so that I could pair the cardigan with any basic color and also so that the buttons wouldn’t be the focus, since the cabling is so pretty. 

In the end I chose….

My selection

My selection

I roped my 6 year-old into taking a few photos for me before the daylight disappeared.  It was tricky, most of them were out of focus, but she took a few good ones.

I look pretty pleased that it's done!

I look pretty pleased that it’s done!

Back view (waist shaping!)

Back view (waist shaping!)

I was right in expecting the Tosh Bulky to grow with wet blocking!  Before blocking it was a tad too small, but it grew just the right amount.

Full view.

Full view.

Close-up of cable detailis

Close-up of cable details.

The only problem is that I think I should tighten up the buttonholes a little bit.  Overall, this was a great pattern to knit (did I mention that I LOVE the way the sleeves were done? Picked-up stitches and short rows, zero seaming!!!!), and with this bulky yarn, this cardigan will be great for chilly San Francisco days and nights when I feel like wearing something more flattering than a baggy fleece jacket!

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