Two sleeves!

The wee boy skipped his nap today, so bed time was at a lovely, early hour, giving me plenty of time to knit.  I was able to finish the second sleeve of my Alpengluhen cardigan!

Sleeve #2!

Sleeve #2!

I don’t know if it will be noticeable, and at this point I don’t exactly care, but because the Madeleine Tosh yarn is hand-dyed and each lot is different, etc., etc., I alternated skeins for the body.  However, by the time I got to the arms, I was tired of twisting and untwisting the skeins, so I didn’t alternate.  One arm might be a little lighter than the other, but I don’t think I’m going to care.  

Next up, neckband, then buttonbands!  I hope to at least get the neckband going before knit night tomorrow, so I won’t have to think too much, and will be able to visit with my fellow knitters.  😉

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