Wasn’t I knitting a sweater?

Yes, I was.  My Alpengluhen sweater took a break when I realized that I couldn’t live with the too-many mistakes I’d made on the fronts.  First of all, I decreased too much at the arm holes.  Three stitches may not seem like much in fingering weight, but in heavy worsted/bulky, it meant that I lost almost an inch of width for the fronts. 

Then when I decreased for each front, I found that I didn’t end up at exactly the same place on each side.  You see, decreasing along with cabling and ribbing, somehow I ended up with the cable/rib pattern ending at different parts.  It was only one stitch off, but that difference PLUS the too-big armholes/too-narrow fronts was just too much.  

I procrastinated frogging the fronts, but once I did, things moved along pretty well.  I finished the fronts with them looking symmetrical, and picking up the stitches for the sleeves was easy.  I really like how this pattern does the sleeves– it has you pick up stitches all around the arm hole, then you knit short rows back and forth from the top of the shoulder until you reach the bottom of the arm hole, then you knit in the round down the sleeve.  Very cool, and no sewing!

This is my progress as of last night.  Now I’m a bit further on and very happy to be back on track before it became a UFO!

Great progress!

Great progress!

I’ve let myself get a tiny bit behind on my blanket squares in order to get this sweater going again, but my make-up knitting should be manageable, knock on wood!  

I have an ulterior motive to finish this sweater up quickly– some friends and I will be doing a KAL for this sweater!  wonder woman sweater!  I’ll be knitting it for the wee girl, not for myself.  I can happily wear a Star Wars dress in public, but I think this is too bold for me.  :0

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