Much soft. So fluffiness. Very yarn. Wow.

Ohhh the Merino handspun turned out even nicer than I expected!  Upon drying, it is so soft and squishy and lovely!  

Here are some photos of the entire process:

The roving in its entirety:

222 g of Merino!

222 g of Merino!

Two bobbins of spun singles:



Two fat bobbins of 2-ply:


2 skeins of plied yarn, pre-washing:

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

Fluffy and soft, even pre-washing!

2 skeins of plied yarn, post-washing.  Can you see how the yarn plumped up and relaxed?  I just love it!!!

So soft!

So soft!

And next up is this bit of green roving that the Wee Boy dyed on Easter with leftover dye.  I think I might try spinning this plump as well, because I’m so, so happy with my fluffy white Merino, in spite of the thick/thin areas.  


Batter up!

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