Almost 8 ounces of Merino, plied!

In only three evenings of spinning, I was able to turn this: 

222 g of Merino!

222 g of Merino!

Into these singles:



And then into this two-ply yarn!




Spinning thicker yarn is hard for me.  My default yarn is sport/DK~ish, which of course takes a lot more time.  Spinning this thicker yarn took some concentration, but it was nice getting such a large amount spun in a short time!  I might be practicing thicker yarn from time to time, especially when my goal is to SPIN THE STASH!  :0

I don’t have much use for white yarn, so I will either dye this or eventually destash it….  Although!  I was recently glancing through my notebook of my handspinning notes, and I noticed that a rather large amount of my handspun has been gifted or otherwise destashed to other people, rather than being knitted up by me.  While there’s nothing at all wrong with giving away beautiful yarn to deserving recipients, I’d like to knit more of my own handspun!  I know it’s early for resolutions, but I’ve resolved that in 2015, I will knit up my handspun yarn stash!  

And if you happen to know really great patterns for using up smallish quantities of handspun yarn, please let me know!

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