One a day

The POP! blanket KAL started on Wednesday, and I’ve made one square per day so far, so I have four squares! I might have to abandon my first one, as it only reaches the pretty standard 5 inches square if I stretch it out.

Last night I plied my singles for my second color (circles), and now it’s drying. The colors are less muddled than the golden/purple handspun.


This thing is going to take a long time! I’ve never done such a big, long-term project, so it should be interesting. I’m glad I’m doing it as a KAL- at least seeing my friends’ progress should keep me competitive , err, motivated.

POP! goes the blanket!

This morning my POP blanket KAL buddies and I met up for our ceremonial cast on!

It was my first time using the Pinhole Cast On!

After a while, I realized I needed to go up a needle size, but I still managed to get some good progress in the time I had:


It’ll be fun to see how our different versions of the same blanket come out! I’m using my handspun while the other two knitters are using Noro Silk Garden and Noro Kureyon.

Later, I did the short row corners and bound off! One square down!


Baktus scarf

Yesterday I decided to frog the wee girl ‘s Baktus scarf and start over. I only had this much done:

I had started on size 3 needles, so the resulting fabric was stuff and scratchy, and the progress was slow. I switched to size 8, and one day later I have a finished scarf!


I had just a few inches of yarn left!

This yarn is the result of roving the wee girl dyed in Easter with leftover egg dye, then I spun it up to become this! I think Baktus us a good choice for handspun or other precious yarn, because you weigh the yarn as you go, knitting the second half when your yarn is half gone, so you make the most of the yardage. The girl loves it!!

A tale of two dresses

My Dress No. 2 turned out very baggy, errr, flowy. It might just be passable, but I’ll probably ask my sewing and knitting friends to make sure!

Anyway, it is cute, and I learned a few new skills:
Bias tape maker!

Adding a neck edging!

Today, perhaps to recover from the slight disappointment of Dress No. 2, I make another #3a from Simple Modern Sewing, and it turned out as expected, flowing but not too baggy, and comfortable

As usual, I added elastic shirring in the back.

Hopefully I will have modeled photos of one or both soon!

Dress No. 2

With my lovely free time this morning, I traced and cut out Dress No. 2! I hope to start the sewing tonight!!


The floral pattern is a bit bigger than I expected, thanks to online shopping, but I’m considering this a practice dress. I hope the style and fit are good so I can make more!

Too tired!

I’m too tired for any crafting tonight, sadly. So very sadly! This has been an unusual week, with both kids in school or camp and me chauffeuring them around in addition to my usual activities. AND I’ve made it back to the gym for the first (two!) times in a few months. All of this added up to me feeling too sleepy for anything. I’m bummed, but it’s clear that I need some extra sleep.

In happier news, I finally made it to a fabric store after several failed attempts lately! I had an errand on the same block where Pincushion is located, so I dropped in for a peek at their sale fabric.

It’s such a cute shop!




I left with a dress worth of black fabric with white polka dots. I think I’ll start something tomorrow while the boy is at school.

Good night!!!