Just decide to be!

At a recent knitting get-together, I was lamenting about how I love the Star Wars dress that I sewed for myself, but it doesn’t get worn because I don’t have enough geeky opportunities.  I said that I wished I were the kind of person who could wear a Star Wars dress anytime.  A friend said, “all you have to do is decide to be the kind of person who can wear a Star Wars dress anytime!”

So I decided that I am!  I wore it today, just a regular day of errands, housework, and childcare.  It is so comfortable and I felt very happy in it.  The icing on the cake was when we bumped into one of the wee girl’s classmates while out on a walk.  When he realized what the pattern on my dress was, his eyes got really wide and he exclaimed, “I like your Star Wars shirt!”  It made my day!  

I also have Star Trek and super here fabric…. 


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